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    When one does not have time/motivation to properly art at home, they doodle some random shit during work

    Oni of the Asses Ashes and werevulture.

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    Onnittelut Kojille kahdenkympin rajapyykin rikkomisesta

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    Correct Barbarian transformations please.

    53 notes pwi - perfect world international - something fast before school -


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    Rule 63

    15 notes zone of the enders - zone of enders - rule 63 -

    Lately I haven’t been interested in drawing anything else than sleek/sexy/sassy/smug bastards in uniforms/suits.

    Bang me.

    9 notes Louis Cypher - megaten - shin megami tensei - i have issues -

    Princess Kars in PSG-style for Hezza.

    With all dem animals and flowers.

    31 notes kars - not gonna tag elseway dunno -

    Some old Darius scraps from old Tegaki account

    12 notes darius - g darius - zuntata - silver hawk - fire fossil -

    So Hezza inspires me to draw men in lingerie and then there’s Henna who wants me to draw Dingo for her - two birds with one stone.

    Should I be ashamed? YES. Am I? - NO.

    10 notes i'm even scared to tag this - dingo egret - Z.O.E -

    There are two kinds of old men

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